Brian is most widely known for co-developing the character and brand Emily the Strange® (Chronicle Books, Darkhorse Comics, HaperCollins), co-creating the cartoon mini-series Boyz on da Run (Disney Channel), and creating the character Oopsy Daisy™ (Chronicle Books). He has self-published over a dozen books under the name Smokey's Tangle, including the What If? series and Radd/ Badd Tattos. Brian Brooks lives in Oakland, California.



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What If? Series
What If? Volume 3, 2015 • What If? Volume 2, 2014 • What If? Volume 1, 2012

Conceptual Coloring Books
Three Cool Dogs Coloring Book 2015 • Too Cool To Color Coloring Book, 2015 • One Cool Coloring Book, 2014

Radd/Badd Tattoos, 2013

Fine Art Books
Adventures Of Everything, 2013 • Earth Messages, 2012 • Dogs: paintings by Brian Brooks, 2011

Select Rock N Roll Coloring Book Series
Rock Stars, 2012 • Give Paul A Chance, 2006 • Morrissey Gets A Job, 1999

Emily the Strange®
As collaborating artist, writer, and co-author • Art of Emily the Strange (2010), Darkhorse Books • Emily the Strange The Rock Issue (2007), Darkhorse Comics • Emily the Strange Lost Dark and Bored (2007), Darkhorse Comics • Emily the Strange Seeing is Deceiving (2006), Chronicle Books • Emily the Strange Dark Issue (2006), Darkhorse Comics • The Dark Issue Emily the Strange Boring Issue (2005), Chronicle Books • The Boring Issue Emily the Strange Lost Issue (2005), Chronicle Books • The Lost Issue Emily the Strange Good Nightmares (2004), Chronicle Books • Emily the Strange Secret Book of Strange (2003), Chronicle Books • Emily the Strange (2001), Chronicle Books

Oopsy Daisy™
All titles Chronicle Books
Oopsy Daisy Trading Card Stickers (2005) • Oopsy Daisy Calendar (2004)  • Stick It Notes (2003) • Fold n’ Mail (2002) • 30 Postcards (2002) • Oopsy Daisy's Bad Bad Day (2002) • Ouchy Loves Hurts (2001) • Oopsy, I Said the F-Word Journal (2001) •





Brian Brooks