Further Exploration in landscapes in new free-form daily drawings in May

Doughnut Crowd 5-19

Doughnut Crowd 5-19

I drew a good-sized crowd today. I included a doughnut character, a planet wearing a watch, and an obligatory elephant.

A lot of my crowd drawings are directly inspired by a cartoon jungle bed sheets that I had when I was a child. Everything I needed to know about drawing jungle animals I learned from those sheets.

Happy Land 5-19

Happy Land 5-19

I’m trying to break away from my usual landscapes. This one looks more like a board game. I have never drawn so many loose smile faces.

I like this drawing, okay. Snakes with ball caps, volcanoes, Setting suns, clouds, holes and game-board style Billy Jean sidewalks are some of the images that keep wanting to be drawn, I guess.

Suit Creature 5-19

Suit Creature 5-19

This is what happens when I start a drawing with hearts and diamonds. I do like the detail where the neck of the figure disappears into the tie knot.

Womanhead Land 5-20

Womanhead Land 5-20

I am no stranger to drawing what look like severed heads. To me, they are not severed, they are doing just fine, thank you very much. I added eyes to the backs of their heads.

Hilly Land 5-20

Hilly Land 5-20

For this drawing I really tried my best at holding back and attempting to not fill in the entire scene. That is hard for me. I started drawing the row of volcanoes, that is when I saw the face appear. I then, drew the hills – as with a dip pen, it’s best to take care of the tops of your drawing and work down, as the ink stays wet the entire drawing time. One smudge and there is no going back.

I tried to tease out a giant face with elephant-type ears hidden within the landscape. The gazelles guarding their booty in the foreground inspire me the most. They remind me of a lower level of an Atari-type game that hasn’t made it’s way into the frame yet.

Exploring Extinction

Today, a Tuesday, I started drawing dinosaurs. They popped into existence just as I was working on writing a riddle — a riddle regarding receiving an answer before a future question is asked.

I thought about that for a few minutes, and continued drawing dinosaurs; a subject who’s future is known.

Dinosaurs On Sidewalk 5-17

Crowd of Dinosaurs

I drew a crowd of dinosaurs. Think on a city street. Some dinosaurs, naturally, with clouds on their heads. These happy fellas are perhaps eager to see “What will happen” in their new existence. So am I.
Or maybe they are not eager to see “anything”, and are mad I brought them back to life, which wouldn’t explain the smiles.

First Derp 5-17

The First Derp

So, I met a man this last weekend who was kissed by a reptilian God. He told me I was obviously an Indigo. I felt at one with my generation.

How could I not?

Thinking about this encounter may have brought forth my drawings of dinosaurs and as of yet unrecognized other elements. I’ve drawn a few dinosaurs over the years, not more than usual for an artist. But I don’t think I’ve ever kept drawing dinosaurs which I intend to do.

You Were Here 5-17

You Were Here

The Dinosaur theme unpacked itself in my head, I continually okayed it under further considerations.

I also managed to successfully draw a penguin on a bicycle, using no reference pictures. I was impressed, and still am.

Dinosaur Being Delivered Some Pie

Dinosaur Being Delivered Some Pie

Not sure where that thought is going, but it isn’t complete. Then I thought about what it must have been like to be the last remaining dinosaurs alive with their ordinary emotions, and no way of knowing it was all over, or an ability to express as much, if they did.

Woman Machine

Woman Machine

Finally the dust settled and a new style sort of sprung forth. We’ll see what happens next soon enough.

Other thoughts, too. Am I right?

Exploring New Drawings in May

On Sunday May, 15 I drew for a little while, maybe an hour or two. I was taking it slowly, not knowing what sort of new drawing style or subject would present itself.

I only liked these two drawings out of the bunch, and that isn’t saying much. While these aren’t what I’d call great drawings, I do like some of the things happening in them, like the tall puppy boy character and a new way of drawing eyelashes.

The day after Sunday turned out to be a Monday, May 16. I know you’ve heard about that day or maybe lived through one yourself – especially if you are not a gnat.

I’ve been drawing more what I call creatures lately. Wall-to-wall faces across the entire page. I’ve drawn it many times in the past 30 years. This first time I did it was in 1983. I was eleven. I won a Ladmo Bag for doing so. More on that later.

Woman 5-16

Mother Nature-Type Woman

I attempted to draw again, yet still felt myself more torn away by doing things like not-drawing, and wanting-to-do-something-else, both of which are easy to do.

I drew these Mother Nature-type woman, which I sort of like, I think. She is sort of groovy and loose. She looks content to exist. That is a good thing, coming from her God.

Happy Woman 5-16

I used simple free flowing shapes that transcend politics.

Emily in Crockett, CA

Emily in Crockett, CA

Unrelatedly, I snapped this pic of Emily at a garage sale in Crockett, CA on Sunday, May 15. This photograph was shortly after we met a man who had been kissed by a reptilian God.

I declined a chance to sport the dino-cap. I knew I would regret not doing so before I answered a polite “No thank you”.

Emily-Type Woman

Emily-Type Woman

I also drew this picture of an Emily-type woman from memory.

Googly Eyemen 5-16Sometime when I draw a drawing and it starts turning into an ugly drawing – I go for the gold, tighten the harness, and go for broke. How ugly can it get, go for ugly-ugly. Do you think I conceded with this drawing of the googly-eyed people?

I found a googly-eye on the street on a recent walk the other day. I took it home and I stuck it by my front door; then I forgot about it. Thought nothing of it.

Author as a no-no man

Author as a no-no man

A day or two later this photograph was taken of me. I didn’t know it at the time, but the googly eye I had found on the street was in the photo with me! I forgot about it after lodging it underneath a pipe just above the mailbox – so the mail carriers would see it. It doesn’t even look like it was aware that a photo was being taken.

Friendly Crowd

Friendly Crowd 1 5-12-2016

Friendly Crowd 1 5-12-2016

I spent a little bit of time creating these friendly, albeit mopey, characters. “Why are you drawing us?” some of them seem to be saying.

Friendly Crowd 2 5-12-2016

Friendly Crowd 2 5-12-2016

I have no answers for them. The best I can do is put them aside to let the ink dry, take one last look at them and draw another one of them. A lot of characters look happy to be created; some, still, are like “What now?”

Friendly Crowd 3 5-12-2016

Friendly Crowd 3 5-12-2016

Perhaps all these characters exist and are gathered to look at you. Perhaps they wonder “What are you here for?”, or “Why are you so happy to be here?”

You don’t have to answer them.

Big Crowd of Even Newer Friends (With Grey)

Crowd 1 5-11-2016

Crowd 1 5-11-2016

I drew four new drawings today. I says to myself, “Let’s draw three.”, and I did.

Crowd 2 5-11-2016

Crowd 2 5-11-2016

To keep myself occupied I hooked up my CD player in the studio so I could play Prince’s Hits disc 1, to take a break from side 4 of 1999, which has been on the turntable for over a week.

Crowd 3 5-11-2016

Crowd 3 5-11-2016

I finished drawing three drawings, the CD still had another song on it, but I turned it off, I was done.

Crowd 4 5-11-2016

Crowd 4 5-11-2016

And then, a couple hours later, I came back to the drawing board, still in the crowd drawing mood, and drew number 4. I then scanned all the drawings and outlined them in the Illustrator program, where I added the grey.

I Made Some New Friends

Big Crowd 1

These are new friends. They were and are fun to draw. They look happy I drew them. I am glad that I did.

Big Crowd 2

These are even more new friends. I drew them all with ink, no pencil first. I try to make each creature look different. Sometimes that works.

Big Crowd 3

I like to fill the page, I always have. Most of the time the “composition” of the picture comes out without too much thought. I’m better that I used to be with this, it helps to have large images mixed in with small. I didn’t know that then.

Clipboards For Bernie Sanders

Democratic Presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders made a surprise appearance today at the Bernie Sanders HQ in my town of Oakland today. The HQ is on College Avenue in Rockridge, a neighborhood which neighbors mine.

Smokey's Tangle to Bernie Sanders Oakland HQ

Smokey’s Tangle to Bernie Sanders Oakland HQ. Map graphic courtesy of Google Maps.

I was in my studio taking a Facebook break, as usual, and saw a Facebook Friend’s post, 17 minutes old, that Bernie was there at the HQ !! And I split. Well, first I ran back to the house to put on my best shirt.

Biking info to HQ

Biking info Smokey’s Tangle to Bernie Sanders HQ. Graphic courtesy of Google Maps.

He must have been addressing everybody on the street at the time I was biking over. A helicopter hovered overhead pointing to the spot I had to get to, I knew exactly where to go. I arrived to the area in no time and saw police blocking roads and people milling about in a daze.

I asked some happy folks on the street corner where “He” was and they pointed. “You can catch him on your bike.” They said. “They’re probably headed to the freeway.” another neighbor told me “You can catch him on your bike – if you hurry.” I arrived at the on-ramp down the road on Claremont and was met with the same view I see every time I pass that sleepy intersection: an empty road disappearing up a short hill into the sky… and supposedly a freeway up there too. No trace of who or what just drove by, except for the helicopter and its ever-present sound. I must have missed him by seconds. Untaken on-ramps always leave me feeling left behind.

Inside: Outside The Bernie Sanders Oakland HQ

Inside: Outside The Bernie Sanders Oakland HQ

I rode back, parked my bike, and went into the HQ which used to house that horrible over-priced thrift store next door to Market Hall.

Inside I noticed their Wish List.

Bernie Sanders Oakland HQ, College Avenue Wish List

Bernie Sanders Oakland HQ, College Avenue Wish List

I know where to get clipboards!! I soon found myself at The East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse liberating 9 clipboards, clipboards who were now free to help a fight a bigger fight.

9 clipboards liberated from The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse en-route to the Bernie

9 clipboards liberated from The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse en-route to the Bernie

I rode the clipboards back to the Bernie folks and picked up some signs for Smokey’s Tangle’s Window.

Bernie Sanders poster in the window of Smokey's Tangle

Bernie Sanders poster in the window of Smokey’s Tangle

What a day! Go Bernie!!

The Challenge: Rivals III & Me

The Challenge Rivals 3 Season 28, 2016. Great photo session, great season.

The Challenge Rivals 3, 2016

I was still playing in the pool when it came time to take this season’s cast photo, lol. I can’t believe we are on The Challenge Season 28! Where does the time go? I feel so fortunate to spend my summers, springs, and falls, year after year, with some of the closest… personalities I know.

Real World: Skeletons 2015

Real World: Skeletons, 2015

I love some of the cast members some of the years and hate them in other years, and vice versa. While I haven’t been a cast member on every season, I feel like I have.

Real World: Ex-Plotion 2014

Real World: Ex-Plosion, 2014

Sometimes life happens right in front of you, and sometimes it continues on along its own barrelling path through history’s past. We’re all part of this temporary cosmic merry-go-round, and lucky to share any time together at all.

Real World Portland & Me 2013

My The Real World: Portland, 2013

As The Real World and The Challenge thoroughly demonstrate, as long as we keep being real, we really exist. Thank you to The Challenge host, T. J. Lavin, one of the best in the business, and always a stand-up guy in my book. Thank you to Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray, and all the rest at MTV. And to the viewers, now and forever. I’ll see you this summer !!
The Challenge: Rivals III MTV Wednesdays 10/9c



Twirling Dogs & Standing Dogs

Dancing Dogs, Pen and ink w/ watercolor. 5/1/16

Twirling Dogs pen and ink with watercolor on 8″ x 10″ paper. 5/1/16

I’ve gone and drawn dogs dancing, again. They come out every once in a while. Tall dogs walking dogs, strutting, spinning, dancing, twirling dogs. These are some of the latter.

These dancing dogs are the first finished piece of “art” that I’ve created since lifting my Bowie-imposed embargo on creating new art that was lifted in dedication to Prince.

I can’t help but think these dogs were inspired by the dance floor at a recent Stu Allen set of Jerry Garcia tunes that I caught at the Ashkenaz in Berkeley. Movement equals energy equals color.

Not Dancing Dogs, Pen and ink w/ watercolor. 5/2/16

Standing Dogs pen and ink with watercolor on 8″ x 10″ paper. 5/2/16

Standing Dogs came right on the heel of the Twirling Dogs drawing. The Dogs have stopped twirling and the color has left their bodies, equilibrium is naturally finding its way home.

I am glad I drew these two drawings, and I will not apologize for doing so. I hope the dogs are happy I created them. I would not want to be fully responsible for making this many dogs do something they did not want to do.

Mixed Crowd of Dogs

Mixed Crowd of Dogs pen and ink with watercolor on 8″ x 10″ paper. 5/4/16

I then drew this mess of a drawing with added Walking Dogs, but alas the crowded composition and mixed sizes of pups make this drawing harder to enjoy. So with that, I move on, for now.